Welcome to Chamilo Conference, the yearly professional event around the Chamilo e-learning platform.

What is Chamilo?

Chamilo is a web software for managing, administering e-learning training, developed and distributed internationally as Free Software, subject of the Chamilo Conference. The project’s development is led by the Chamilo Association, presided over by Yannick Warnier.

Chamilo includes tools to facilitate learning and teaching in a virtual educational environment. It can be used in face-to-face, semi-face-to-face, or completely virtual classes.

The Chamilo Association, a non-profit organization based in Europe, promotes the development and free distribution of Chamilo LMS.

For more information, please visit the Chamilo project website.

What is the scope of Chamilo LMS?

Here are some numbers related to Chamilo LMS:

  • More than 34 million people have used Chamilo.
  • There are over 83,000 virtual campuses installed.
  • Citizens from more than 150 countries use it.
  • Translated into 46 languages.

What is Chamilo Conference?

Chamilo Conference is a conference designed and aimed at professionals involved in e-learning, technology and education, pedagogy, as well as professionals working in human resources and talent management.

The conference also aims at all professionals interested in officially certifying as professionals in the Chamilo platform, alongside the creators and leaders of the project. Additionally, it targets those who want to learn about the application and use of information technologies in education.

Chamilo Conference is the only annual international in-person conference on the Chamilo LMS e-learning platform, making it the ideal meeting point for sharing and learning from the founders, developers, and leaders of the international Chamilo LMS project.

When was the last Chamilo Conference?

Chamilo Conference 2022 happened in August 2022 in Nivelles, Belgium.

Where will Chamilo Conference 2023 be?

It’ll happen in Valencia, Spain, on the 18th, 19th and 20th of October 2023.

What’s the cost and how do I register?

We have different ticket types. Please check the tickets page.